Andrew Tremain


AGE: 31


HEIGHT:  5’9

WEIGHT:  165






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A Little Bit About Me

Hello ladies, I am pleased to make your acquaintance.  A little about myself, I am currently finishing a 17 year sentence and I am grounded, focused and ready to begin my future, possibly with you. : )  

 I was adopted and raised in Chicago on the southside and moved to Washington when I was 12. I plan on traveling once I get out. I want to go to Alabama to rest for a while. I want to spend time with my family once I touchdown. I’m big on music. Actually music is what has helped me thru this time. my favorite music is R and B like Jacquees. but I also listen to rap, country, oldies, Etc. I’m a college educated, poetic individual. I’m all about furthering my education an exploring new interests.

When I need to take a break or get away mentally I zone out into my music or I start a workout. I’m a loyal friend that keeps everything at heart. I’m a great listener. and I’m told that I can cheer people up pretty easily. One thing that can always make me smile no matter what is thinking about my niece. she’s just so full of life at such a young age. if I could wake up anywhere tomorrow I’d want to wake up at home with a hot homemade breakfast and some slow jams. My idea of a great first date would be a night out on the town, maybe going down to the waterfront and catching the sunset over the water, then going to a restaurant right on the water and then we can get lost in the night life of the city. When I get out I’m for sure gonna spend more time at home around some family. find a job that I like doing and start life right. 

If I could tell my 15 year old self anything it would be to stop taking life for granted and to stay positive. I would explain that it ain’t all about being the biggest dude in the game or none of that. to chill out and keep my head straight  I’m a man who’s trying to put the puzzle together, but I’m almost there.
My contact information is below so get at me if I sparked an interest. or if you just want some conversation.

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PO BOX 888
Monroe, WA 98272

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