Anthony Seals


AGE: 48


HEIGHT: 5’11

WEIGHT:   195






RELEASE DATE:  Earliest November 2019/Max date July 2032

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A Little Bit About Me

Hey there! My name is Tony. I appreciate you taking a moment to check out my profile and hopefully my thoughts will in some way bring a smile to your face. Have you ever been listening to a song, watching a movie, or outdoors experiencing nature, etc… and imagined something or had ideas come to mind & wondered if anyone else had ever thought the same thing??? I do this all the time. I’ve always had a unique perspective on life with all of its joys & challenges and I’m looking to share that perspective with others, as well as discover different points of view.
Let me start by saying that over the years I’ve put a lot of work into myself. Today, I try to take advantage of every opportunity to make a positive impact in sombody’s life as well as my own. It was these thoughts that compelled me to reach out and hopefully meet new & interesting people who might be searching for the same kind of friendship that I’m looking for. 

About me:
* I’m funny, honest and all about family.
* I’m very ambitious and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
* I love people and learning about different cultures.
* I workout regularly, practice a little yoga and try live a healthy lifestyle except for all of the chocolate I eat. LOL!
* I love listening & vibin’ to music. All genres, but especially jazz, R&B, Pop, and Motown. I enjoy watching TV dramas like “This Is Us”, “Ray Donovan”, and “Game of Thrones”. I’m also an avid movie buff, specifically romantic comedy movies like “Knocked Up”, “Hitch”, & “Couples Retreat” and SciFi thrillers such as “Gravity”. 
* I participate in a variety of reentry & community service programs and I facilitate the Father/Daughter Workshops & Dance. I also look forward to finishing my last year of college and getting my degree. 
* Finally, I love animals!!! The prison I’m at has many animal programs. They breed lizards, birds, and fish. Sounds like a zoo, huh? LOL! They also train dogs and let you have cats. One of the photos I posted is me with a grumpy looking cat named Lola. She is a real sweetheart and one of many animals I enjoy being around.

I hoping to meet people who are independent, open-minded and have a positive outlook on life. Someone who has a warm, caring personality and loves animals as much as I do. An added plus is a person who is professional and business savvy, as I have a passion for learning about all aspects of business. So if you’re trying to expand your social network like I am I would really like to hear from you. If you have ANY questions or comments concerning my life, legal situation, interests, etc… please feel free to ask me anything. You can write me snail mail or better yet send me an email at JPay. com. Until that time take care and be blessed.

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Anthony Seals #A350842
Marion, OH  43301

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