Augustus Cooper

BIRTHDAY:  MAY 29, 1981

AGE: 37

ETHNICITY: Native American and White (Okanagan Indian Band)

HEIGHT:  6’1

WEIGHT:  240






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A Little Bit About Me

If I told you mine was bigger than most, what’s the 1st thing that pops into your mind? OK now hold that thought for a moment while I introduce myself.
Do You like to watch cartoons, listen to 90’s RnB, laugh at corny jokes and quite possibly cry at hallmark commercials? No, me either..
I’m a laid back, down to earth man who loves to laugh and smile as it keeps me young at handsome. I’m very loyal, the proud father of 3 amazing children, and I love my family deeply. I am a proud Native American, who is passionate about his culture. I enjoy participating in sweat lodge and other cultural activities. I do beadwork, leather working and other traditional crafts as you can tell by the pics of items I’ve made. I enjoy reading and writing, espically poetry, short stories and utilize spoken word to share these writings.
I am currently working towards my AA degree, and plan on furthering my education as a substance abuse counselor so I can work with the youth upon my release.
I refuse to let my past define me, and believe that good people make bad decisions, and that I can live a life both in here and out there, that is an example of my redemption.
I am looking to meet new people, share new experiences, and broaden my social network. All messages will receive a response.
Ow ya and to answer my earlier question, I was talking about my love for life, but I like where your minds at…

This is “Me”…
What constitutes the measurement of a man? A life full of sin and debauchery, chaotic tangles and confusion, tattoos and scars both mental and physical.
I often feel like no one can relate to my mentality and they mayhem that transpires inside of it. I’m not talking about the adolescent “Nobody Understands Me” but a bone-deep certainty that I am unique in my perspectives.
I’ve caused so much pain and madness in my life, that when I do spread positivity its often lost amongst the pain, all in the name of barriers and protection of self. 
If I stripped away all the veneers and facades, I probably wouldn’t even recognize the man under the cosmetics that I apply to appear unmovable, unbreakable, untouchable.
I could jump out of my skin, but I’d rather jump out of this tormenting nightmare, ravished by mistakes, jaded by betrayal, corroded by the pain.
This is my personalized hell to sit and watch as my loved ones, my tendrils to the world, slowly fade, to do nothing. 
I grew up incarcerated, a razor wire child, state raised. Not a product of my environment, just a product of limited choices. The truth is sometimes you just don’t have any good ones.
How was I expected to expected to interpret situations when my only role models were drug dealers, gang members, and convicts?
I guess when you look at me you can see the thousand yard stare, the tattoos and posture, and might assume that I am some dumb, low class, subhuman species compared to those who’ve made it in life. You won’t guess that I’m a father, a son, a brother who just lost his way.
I guess you won’t take a second look to see these words printed behind my eyes, written in torment. I guess you won’t ever know “ME” and you’ll consider me hopeless, if you consider me at all. I guess one day I can be perfect, perfect like “Them”…

By Augustus Cooper (2013)

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