Bethany Tubbs

BIRTHDAY:  JULY 29, 1991

AGE: 27






HEIGHT: 5″ 6



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A Little Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Bethany Tubbs. I am 27 years old, 5’6, 143 lbs, long brown hair and I’m a green eyed beauty with a booty. I’m a spirtual, non judgemental gypsy. family is my main priorty and passion. I’m a juggalette who is loyal and wants to be respected.

My passions… my passions are life , living,  being happy in a world where we can all be one, i love being a light in a dark world shining bright for lost unappreciated souls, we are all people and we all deserve to be heard… and understood… and forgiven,  i love anything creative that shows your inner self.  We all have masks…. I love music;  music helps me to release and feel things most wouldn’t understand. 

 I love fishing, exploring snowboarding… anything outside.  I wish to bbe a happy mom with happy children one day.. one day everything we have gone through as people will all make sense adn will have all been worth it, now I choose my time wisely I’m not living to die I’m dying to live, I’m searching for some one real. I’ll respect and be loyal to him as he would me, I’m good at understanding and would like that back as well.  I beleive in kindred spirits being one with a person, I never want to be caged changed or abused.  I want to find my best friend,  some one I can talk,  to someone i can play xbox with,  someone that will love my children as they are his own, blood isn’t what connects us, I love laughing and being my silly weird self.
I’m searching for someone I can talk to , someone I can relate with. A good companion, a good friend and someeone that can make me laugh and I can be my silly weird self with. 

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Bethany Tubbs #291743
Ross Cash Center – 4-A
374 New Bethel Rd
Fredonia KY 42411

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