Jeremy Yates

BIRTHDAY:  MAY 18, 1984

AGE:  34


HEIGHT:  6’3







RELEASE DATE:  10/2023

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A Little Bit About Me

Good day beautiful people.  I thank you for taking an interest in my profile and hopefully this is just a beginning to what will produce a great journey experienced.  I have, over the years, gained a high level of respect and appreciation for positive relationships, no matter the label to them.  So, I strive to put in time and effort: mentally, emotionally and spiritually in all relationships that I’m blessed to have in my life.  I aim to be open and honest to my last breath; believing that understanding and communication are important keys to successful relationships and life.

My life has found purpose over these years, which has helped me transform into the man I am today.  A man who fears God, optimistic in the betterment of those crossing my path directly or indirectly, and one built on a foundation of principles that are motivated by love and trust.  I am blessed with the honor of being a mentor behind these walls, better yet, an example of change for those in search of light in what, at times, is deemed as a dark place.  I now read as often as I can, for soul fulfilling reasons, as well as equipping myself with information so I can excel upon re-entering society. “He will, having lifted himself, lift the world.  By his example many will see the way, and walk it.”

While searching for knowledge I continue to build on my dreams.  To become a well rounded, morally grounded man.  A king for my future queen, a father to my future children, to be a positive presence in the community, just to name a few.  As you can see through the photos I’m about 6’3, an athletic build.  I enjoy music.  I keep myself presentable and I have big dreams, represented by the photo of “Star Island” in South Beach.  Sunny days, beautiful scenes and a home to call our own.  If a dream doesn’t scare people or make them laugh, it’s not big enough.  I love movies and still look forward to traditional movie theater dates.  Though, too, I look forward to the whole Netflix and chill I have heard about.

Sports have been a big part of my life’s passion for sure.  From competition to now teaching the game.  Diverse in all, I lean towards basketball, where upon release I prepare to continue my experiences toward coaching the youth.  I look forward to our meeting, I thank you for taking interest thus far and I invite you to take the next step.  Every journey begins with taking one step. It’s your turn.  I wish nothing but success and I patiently wait for your time and effort.

Striving for greatness.


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