Jymario Dooley

BIRTHDAY:  MAY 19, 1995

AGE: 23


HEIGHT:  5’8

WEIGHT:  170






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A Little Bit About Me

I’m a fun outgoing person with a strong personality. I love to make others laugh an I also love to see others happy. I’m a very honest person an I always tell the truth I don’t like lying or being lied too. I’m not perfect nobody is but we all have room to grow. I’am a very loyal person. I kind of start out antisocial due to the fact of me having trust issues but eventually I’ll open up once I get to know the person I’m communicating with and they show to me that they’re trustworthy of my love and loyalty and when I love I love hard. I love sports particularly Basketball I play it every chance I get. But I also watch football. I also love music, Rap R&B soul, pop. I even write a little music its not something I wanna make a career out of its just something I do for fun. I like to watch movies that have a lot of action in them that are adventures with Drama even movies based on true stories and that are educational. I have a lot of favorite movies Its just so many to name. I love to exercise, I don’t do it to get big and muscular. I do it to stay in shape and most of all to be Healthy. But of course when you’re exercising you are going to become more ripped and your muscles are going to grow. I wrote a book that I’m in the process of trying to get published. Right now I’m currently facing Three life sentences. In situations like this a lot of people say they’re innocent but me I actually am and I’m in the process of proving my innocence. With some time hard work dedication and faith I know that I’m going to come out with a victory.

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Jymario Dooley #887616
Oaks Correctional Facility
1500 Caberfae Highway
Manistee , Mi. 49660

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