Martin King


AGE: 38



WEIGHT:  205






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A Little Bit About Me

I’m totally transparent about what I’ve done to get here. This is my first and last time here. I am doing the best I can to advance myself while here staying positive and out of trouble. I fear GOD and I’m looking for a woman that’s fears GOD but knows she’s not perfect . I have learned so mutch about myself I didn’t know before ,faults missing information and character defects. I have gained mutch needed maturity and understanding. Im looking for a Woman that wants love and I want to know everything I can know about her. Anything she wants to know about me even the most intimate or personal things I will answer honestly. It doesn’t matter if she is White Black or blue nor Asian African or Caucasian, heavy or thin, short or tall she just needs to be looking for companionship and hopefully love at some point and in the meantime I will enjoy our journey on the road to companionship. I write music c, poetry, and try to sing lol .  Im a GOD fearing man I am an athletic man I love music, try to sing and love sports. The kind of woman I like is one that is not a shame of herself I don’t care if she is heavy or slim black white or blue but I want a believer in GOD. She don’t have to be a holy Mollie just know of GOD. I’m a man that loves to make my woman happy, I’m a man and I love to be a man to a woman. I’ve never been with a man and never will be. I what to have a friend in the woman I meet to listen to her help her and hopefully fall in love with her. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of ,I am willing to answer any questions about myself and my reason for being incarserated. I’ve learned so match about myself and what love is while being here and what a man truly is and should be to and for a woman. I have five kids and they love me drearly. Their moms are grate I have two from my first marage and two from my engagement before I came to prison and one that I found out about just before I got locked up and that was a result of my younger days as a young miss guided man. Their moms are in contact with me and I talk to my children. I told my kids mother to be happy and do what she feels because I’m here and I want her to be happy so I relieved her of myself for the both of us. I want a new life when I get home and a love that is real so I’m doing everything in my life to be prepared for life when I get home.

LOVE_:-) is something like a drug, once you’ve had a taste, you can’t get enough, we make mistakes like searching for outter appearances but real value is the inside,being evenly yoked is the goal, we look for that one to make us whole, I’ve learned from mistakes, I know what it takes to make Love work. Focus, senserity, understanding,and compassion are what fations Love, a desire to be happy and the joy of making someone happy is it’s foundation , sex that flex and evolves to please in custom faction is real passion, but not the most important thing ,to know you and what you like is the dynamite that ignites an explosion of intimate moments that lead to soul connection and Love infection, I listen, find out what you’re missin ,to give you what you want I must have a chance , to find Love, you have to take a chance, give me an interview and see what I do, the search for Love is closer than you think, time has made me a Love bank, make a withdraw for LOVE!

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Martin King #157645
Jefferson Correctional Institution 
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Monticello, Florida 32344-0430

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