Richard Kafel


AGE:  29



HEIGHT: 5’10

WEIGHT:  235




RELEASE DATE: 8-10-2020


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A Little Bit About Me

I’m originally from Cleveland Ohio… I’m Caucasian. 5’10 and weigh 235 lbs. my eyes are blue, and my hair Is brown… my sexually orientation Is straight… I have four kids and currently single… I’m a very energetic and going person who loves meeting new people… I pretty much can get along with anyone, and acceptance not only for myself but for others Is truly Important to me… I have no problem being completely open and honest about myself, my past, and what I want for my future…I want to be seen as the man I am today, and I’m definitely looking for a woman who shares the same positive values as myself…honesty, loyalty and compassion for others are very Important to me…. I’m a big sports fan and love to play freestyle Frisbee, softball and as well as working out… I’m a big fan of camping or anything related to the outdoors, and I love spending time with my family… I’m of polish descent, and love learning about my heritage… I dream of being able to travel abroad and even visiting Poland Itself one day in the future…I’m extremely fascinated with the human brain, and I love educating myself on what makes us tick… I feel like knowledge Is our key to true personal growth… the more we learn from each other and in general the more we learn about ourselves…I try my best to be as selfless as I can, and If I’m able to do so I’m willing to help anyone in need… Its human nature to be three for one another and we can’t do this life alone… I love being Inspired and reading great Inspirational quotes such as: “If you want something u never had before you must do something you never done before “I look forward to meeting a woman who I can connect with on an emotional, mental, and physical and spiritual level… I don’t have time for games, and I stride to meet someone who I can grow with each day… relationships are a two-way street and I’m excited to meet that right person who can be a perfect balance in this more than often chaotic world….

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Richard Kafel #730796

Noble Correctional Inst.
15708 McConnelsville Road 
Caldwell, OH 43724

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