Termsof service.


By using this site members agree to the following:

Members, in choosing to place a profile on our website must understand that they and other providers of information are the publishers of the information placed on our website. We are not the publishers of such information, we simply provide the opportunity for our members to place a profile ad. In no event will Xclusive Management Inc. be responsible for any incidental, consequential, exemplary or other damage arising from or relating to the use of these services. Some facilities prohibit residents from using our services and placement of a profile on our website may have punitive or legal consequences for the inmate. potential pen pals are encouraged to verify information about our members through additional sources. correctional facilities can be contacted directly.  All members agree to provide accurate information on their profiles.  All information is verified with state agency websites when possible.  Profiles that are found to contain inaccurate information will be removed from the site.

Disputes or Claims of Fraud

By using this site users agree to the following:

You agree not to hold Xclusive Management Inc. responsible or liable for the user content or actions of third parties (including your interactions with members of our site) on or relating to Xclusiveconnections.com.  This includes transactions conducted on our website as well as the collection, handling and sharing of personal information that you provide to third parties. If you believe any communication with a member of this site includes actions that are fraudulent or unlawful, you agree to bring your concern to the attention of our administration immediately.  If you do not report the concern or continue using the service after discovering the issue, you expressly waive the right to claim that Xclusiveconnections.com is unfair, fraudulent or unlawful with respect to said practice.

You Must Be 18 Years Or Older

Yep, It's the law..You must be of the minimum age of 18 years old to use this website or to contact any member of this website. Any users found to be under 18 years of age will have their IP address permanently blocked. Any members who are found to be communicating with any visitor of our site that is knowingly under 18 years of age will be removed from the site immediately.


By using or accessing our website you agree that you will not:

Use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access this website.
Send spam or any other unauthorized advertisements or solicitations to our members.
Provide any false personal information in your profile, create more than one profile, create a profile for anyone other than yourself except in cases of placing a profile for a member or create a page without authorization.
Use your profile for any commercial purpose.
Intimidate or harass any user.
Do anything that is illegal, infringing, fraudulent, malicious or could expose Xclusiveconnections.com users to harm or liability.


Members agree that their photos, profile and contact information can and will be shared on social media, or other websites. Members agree that Xclusive Management Inc. has permission to utilize their content in whatever fashion we deem appropriate for marketing and advertising purposes.


All fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars. You are responsible for paying all fees with a valid payment option. Profiles that are submitted with the Mail Payment Option will be held for 30 days. If payment is not received within that 30 days, all profile information will be deleted from our servers and a new application must be completed. We will not issue refunds at any time. Expired profiles will be hidden from the website for 90 days. If renewal is not paid for within that 90 days all profile information and photos will be deleted from our servers. Acceptable payment methods are limited to Institutional Check or Money Order, Paypal, Credit or Debit or Money Orders.

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