Tory Guajardo


AGE: 37


HEIGHT:  5’6

WEIGHT:  150





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A Little Bit About Me

I hope this reaches the right person at the right time in my life! I made some bad choices long ago, BUT I have taken the time to grow & mature and to work on and make progress with my art! I am passionate about art And Tattooing, and I am trying to find at least One Person, that person who believes in my art and sees the potential of where it can go or how big it can grow!
I am self taught. It has been a long hard road to this point, without any formal training or apprenticing. I excel at realism, especially in Black & White. I do pencil, ballpoint pen, color pencil, acrylic paint. (I am also a self taught tattoo artist and it is my biggest passion in life!) My Facebook page has many examples of the art I have produced over the years. (Pencil & pen drawings, as well as paintings). But, my dream is to be able to sell my work out there or be commissioned to do custom work for people (Portraits are my specialty!). 
I am also working on putting a petition/ paperwork together to request a Pardon from the Governor, and it would be amazing to find help or just support, directed at the governor, to garner an earlier release. I no longer am waiting for my release to come, but to do something to possibly get me home sooner. My Ultimate goal is to use my time now to gain a fan base or following of my art, that will largely (but not entirely), transition over to a job tattooing when I get out, and to one day grow into a business of my own.
But my biggest hindrance right now is, “Help”! I am limited to what I can do from in here and I lack the outside help and assistance to get my artwork out there for the world to see! But I need the right person, that person who believes in my art and abilities and who is willing to invest some time into Me, knowing it will pay off in the long run!! So, I continue my journey of self improvement, in hopes of being “discovered” and my life and possibly their life also changing forever!

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Augusta Correctional Center
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Craigsville, VA. 24430

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